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Mr. Padmanaban, a Post-graduate in Physics, promotes Fortune planners with the corporate experience in the e-Publishing industry for the past 13 years to his credit. Numbers and statistics have always fascinated him since childhood.

He always wondered that although every individual strove hard for money, they did not really bother about building a secure financial future. This was the inspiration that led him to become a Certified Financial Planner CM (CFP). He realized the potential behind these financial products and decided to choose the career of a Financial Planner.

He took the rare, yet a bold decision of quitting his e-Publishing career and completed CFP in June 2009. You will appreciate his expertise as you work with him in planning your finances, like he had helped many to rise out of their debts and continue a successful debt-free life.

Mr. Padmanaban also offers financial counselling for those who have dreams and aspirations for creating wealth. He strongly believes every individuals are unique so as their dreams and with the professional advise only one can achieve their GOALS.

Investment is more to do with emotions than your investments and he will make sure the journey is enjoying though there will be some roller coaster in between. He will make sure you will your needs in the long term.

He is a regular contributor to Naanayam Vikatan which is personal finance magazine in Tamil language. He wrote financial planning for the different walks of family regularly, and apart from that he also contributes different articles pertaining to personal finance.