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Time in the Market is More Important Than Timing The Market

19 Mar

Time in the Market is More Important Than Timing The Market

The above statement is only to read and never ever we should practice!!! None of us think that market will rally 9% in exactly one month time, many will keep telling the market will move only after the elections.

What we know is very little and with little information everyone try to keep forming opinion about the markets time and again.

I remember the story of BLIND MEN & ELEPHANT PARABLE, when our purpose of investment is long term, why we need to take call on every day, week, month just because it is published. It is high time to move away from seeing the portfolio everyday and react instead of responding to it.

Market is just 1.4% away from all time high and this can go much higher as the time goes by. It is time to keep investing your surplus without worrying about the market movements. Small cap and Midcap indices are still 15% discount and huge opportunity to make bigger wealth in this category if you can understand VOLATILITY is not RISK and it is the WAY of LIFE.

Market is heading for exciting times for many more years for this emerging economy, those who believe it can  make it, those who not, will always regret as usual!!! After all LIFE is FULL of Choices…

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